Reshore2PA is a platform for connecting manufacturers that want to reshore parts and products to Pennsylvania with suppliers that can manufacture them. Manufacturers post reshoring requests online and the PA Industrial Resource Centers (PAIRC), and our regional economic development partners, scout potential suppliers and help make buyer-supplier connections. For more information, contact reshore2pa@nepirc.com.

Reshore2PA is part of the PA Made Again initiative, funded in part by a federal Make It In America Challenge Grant, that is focused on creating jobs through the growth and retention of Pennsylvania’s manufacturing economy. Reshore2PA is managed by NEPIRC, one of 60 Manufacturing Extension Partnership offices across the U.S. and one of seven PAIRCs working to improve our manufacturing economy. Our PAIRC network partners include Catalyst Connection, DVIRC, IMC, MANTEC, MRC and NWIRC.