Reshore 2 PA

Why Reshore?

Top 10 reasons companies cite for reshoring.

  1. Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership
  2. Reduce lead time to market
  3. Improve product quality
  4. Access to skilled workforce
  5. Wage inflation and currency change of host country
  6. Reduce freight costs
  7. Reduce inventory
  8. Improve brand image “Made in USA”
  9. Reduce intellectual property and supply chain interruption risks
  10. Enhance innovation by clustering manufacturing near R & D facilities

Does reshoring make good business sense for your company? Find out with a Total Cost of Ownership analysis. A TCO analysis will help you identify, calculate, and compare all of the product costs, risks and strategic impacts of your sourcing decisions. Pennsylvania manufacturers can receive a TCO analysis at NO-COST for items produced or sourced offshore. To schedule a TCO analysis for your company or for more information, contact